Morrama Impact Report 22/23

Now a B Corp, Morrama continues to record its time spent on social and environmental impact.
August 1, 2022

From 2022 to 2023 Morrama has been a wild ride with 8 products completed for clients, 15 new projects secured matching the previous year and adding a few awards plus many pieces of PR.

Becoming a B Corp with a score of 110 has to be the proudest moment of the year so far. Part of this journey has meant we have increased our efforts to make a difference on both a social and environmental level.


  • Benefits have had an overhaul from insurance to time off, being far beyond any other agency of our size.
  • Parental leave Women 16 weeks enhanced with an allowance of 1 year should they wish to take it. Men 12 weeks enhanced and flexibility in a return to the office.
  • We increased the wage by Company-wide salary adjustment for the cost of living of between 9% for Junior team members to 3.5% for Directors. 
  • Satisfaction survey. We do an annual survey that covers inclusion, diversity, satisfaction, respect and pay/promotions. Gauging how we’re doing anonymously allows us to make quick changes as needed and plan for long-term improvements.
  • Unlimited holiday - Yep, we have a minimum holiday allowance but our team can take more if they need to. We just ask that they be able to complete the work expected of them.
  • Living wage - We are part of the Living Wage Foundation. Meaning that everyone from cleaners to interns is paid the London Living Wage.

Social impact

  • Education and mentoring - Over 200hrs given to teaching and mentees
  • Design declares - 373 design agencies have joined the declaration 
  • Thought leadership 3 podcasts, 4 articles read more
  • Features and Commentary - 13 pieces inc supporting female designers, addressing dangers faced by LGBTQIA+ community.

Our products

Wagamama: The new packaging designed and launched this year will replace 300 tonnes of virgin plastic with renewable alternatives or recycled plastics known as cPet. We continue this relationship as we start to redesign other elements of the the restaurants uniforms and retail packaging.

WIld Refill Deodorant: 18 million refills have been sold in the last 12 months. If a typical user would have bought a plastic version these would have all been sent to recycling or landfill. The refill system design Morrama has a significantly lower impact than standard FMCG options on the market.

MAYA: Launched at Cosmoprof. With the interest in the project's initial orders in the millions the opportunity to replace single-use plastic cosmetic products is huge.

ECO-FLO: is now in the next phase of development the project is on a similar trajectory to the MAYA project.


Morrama donates 1% of revenue's to charity. ON A MISSION has been about creating an impact through sustainable reforestation and working directly with businesses to reduce carbon absorbing ecology and have a positive impact on our Planet.

Together, we have planted 1’700’000 trees, grew biodiverse forests, impacted the lives of hundreds of people working on the project sites and living nearby.  

What's next?

Develop our partnerships, ventures and innovations

We’ve invested over 3500 hours (almost 2 working years!) to develop ideas outside client projects this year, creating opportunities for exciting new ventures and pushing our knowledge and experience as a team. Whilst it’s easy to fall back on client projects and short-term financial wins, we should always find time for these Morrama projects.

Continued positive impact on the wider community

Building on Design Declares, we aim to bring more sustainable design knowledge into Morrama, developing new tools and open-sourced methods that put Morrama at the forefront of planet-centred design thinking with a particular focus on consumer behaviour and education. 

Grow our following

We are a design agency that has opinions on things. We have a voice. You may be surprised to know that this is not something that all agencies have. This year we want to amplify that voice. Whether that is through LinkedIn, Instagram, newsletters, (or maybe even a podcast) let’s be proud of our work and tell as many people out there who we are.

Take Morrama to the next level

A culmination of all the points above along with the deeper experience we are all developing as design thinkers, this year is about taking Morrama to the next level. Re-defining who we are, honing how we speak about ourselves and ensuring it’s reaching the right audience.

Thanks, Jo, Andy and the team

Disclaimer: The information shown in this report has been obtained by speaking with various stakeholders, timesheets and financial reports. The data should be treated as estimates to illustrate the impact of our work. We will endeavour to make this information as accurate as possible and continue to add further data points as we progress.


Andy Trewin Hutt