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2024, Cosmetics Design Europe: Maya refill lipstick2024, Packaging Europe: Wild Shower Gel2024, Trend Hunter: Kibu Headphones2024, Good Housekeeping: homes of the future (opinion)2024, New York Times: Eco-Flo2024, Creative Review: Label-less packaging (opinion)2024, Business Green: Designing for sustainability (opinion)
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2022, Creative Boom: Predictions for creativity in 2023 (opinion)2022, Design Week: Biggest product stories 20222022, It's Nice That: Design Declares2022, Creative Pool: Design Declares2022, Design Week: Design Declares2022, The Times: Design Declares2022, Fast Company: Wagamama Packaging2022, Adobo Magazine: Wagamama Packaging2022, Dexigner: Wagamama Packaging2022, Design Week: Wagamama Packaging2022, DesignWanted: Wagamama Packaging2022, Designboom: Wagamama Packaging2022, Packaging of the World: Wagamama Packaging2022, Packaging Europe: Wagamama Packaging2022, Inhabitat: Wagamama Packaging2022, Design Week: Global factors in designers supply chains (opinion)2022, Design Week: Nesta Shisha2022, Dezeen: ECO-FLO2022, Fast Company: ECO-FLO2022, Dieline: ECO-FLO2022, Design Week: ECO-FLO2022, DesignWanted: Toy Projects2022, Metro: Trends driving the gaming-exercise revolution (opinion)2022, Design Week: Toy Projects2022, The Times: What I learnt about being a woman in a male industry (opinion)2022, Design Week: Quell2022, Creative Boom: Quell
2021, Design Week: Prenatal Care2021, Trend Hunter: Prenatal Care2021, BBC News: CEO Secrets (opinion)2021, Dieline: Is refill the sustainable way forward? (opinion)2021, Trend Hunter: The Future of Skin Care2021, Wallpaper: The Future of Skin Care2021, Design Week: The Future of Skin Care2021, Design Week: Cardboard shortage is driving innovation in packaging design (opinion)
2020, Dexigner: Renew2020, Design Milk: Renew2020, LS:N Global: Renew2020, Design Week: Renew2020, Design Wanted: Renew2020, Pentawards: Interview with Jo Barnard2020, Design Week: Wild Refill Deodorant2020, Dexigner: Wild Refill Deodorant2020, Dexigner: Wild Refill Deodorant
2019, Dexigner: Angle Razor2019, Trend Hunter: Angle Razor2019, LS:N Global: Angle Razor2019, Core77: Angle Razor2019, Dexigner: Smarter Phones2019, Core77: Smarter Phones2019, Dezeen: Smarter Phones2019, Fast Company: Smarter Phones
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