Refillable cosmetics packaging made from paper

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Léa Berger, Harry Mason, Olive Kennington, Lucy Williams, Jo Barnard, Jasdeep Kular, Dan Lloyd, Andy Trewin Hutt
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Morrama venture

Meet Maya: the first packaging range from Morrama available for brands to customise for their own needs.

Morrama x PPK | 2023

Typically we develop bespoke products for brands, but for the first time we’ve designed a range of packaging for companies to purchase ‘off-the-shelf’. Created in collaboration with Shanghai based packaging manufacturer, PPK, Maya is a refillable range of packaging for solid and liquid cosmetics, offering the beauty industry an opportunity to reduce their impact on the environment.

With 95% of cosmetic packaging being thrown away, packaging is one of the biggest sustainability issues facing the beauty sector. There are very limited refillable and plastic-alternative options available on the cosmetics market, especially for make-up products, something we look to address with this new range.

Why paper?

All packaging options come with refills made from renewable paper pulp that can be either composted or recycled as paper waste at the end of life and are manufactured using renewable energy. The paper pulp is made from a blend of bamboo, a fast growing renewable material that absorbs CO2 as it grows, and bagasse, a by-product of the sugarcane industry. Choosing to use a renewable material enables and manufacture in this way enables brands to take steps towards a carbon-neutral supply chain.


With this first-of-its-kind, patented design, we’ve completely reimagined refillable lipstick. With research showing that most people rarely finish a lipstick, the refills are designed to be removed and stored in separate board-based packaging like crayons. You can then select the shade you want for the day and simply load it into the case.

The design has a patented two-step interaction. During use, the lipstick functions just like any traditional lipstick, however when it comes to changing the shade over, the lipstick is twisted up until it clicks and then twisted another half-turn, revealing the paper

Makeup Palette

There are already refillable palettes on the market, typically using metal pans that are recyclable in principle, however the small size means they are likely to fall through the screeners during the recycling process and end up in a landfill. Made from paper the Maya refill pan is is home compostable, and if it ends up in a landfill, it will degrade without leaving behind any chemicals or micro-plastics.

The Palette has been designed to maximise flexibility for customers. With 4 sizes providing 10 different combinations, users can build their own makeup palette, replacing shades when they run-out or are no longer required rather than disposing of the entire case.

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Pumps & Creams

Due to the size, larger vessels like pumps and cream pots are the most wasteful when it comes to throwing them away. As a result, the Maya range offers liquid-filled pots and pumps with a 5% PP/PET lining. This lining is so thin the bottles can still be recyclable in the paper waste stream in the UK, and therefore means a reduction in plastic of up to 98% compared to other leading refill cosmetics brands. The PP/PET lining is currently required to ensure compatibility with all kinds of cosmetics, but we are working with PPK to develop a fully plant-based alternative.

As with lipsticks, most refillable options on the market include some element of the mechanism, therefore every time you replace the cream or serum refill, you replace the pump as well. With Maya the refill is as minimal as possible. With the pumps, the bottle separates to enable the refill to be dropped in and with the cream jars it simply pushes into place. The theme of reducing complexity and material has been carried across to the design of the outer vessel as well. Mimicking the design of the refills means a more compact design saving both space in shipping and material in manufacturing.

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“Refillables are not necessarily a new thing in cosmetics, but the refills on the market are made of mixed materials and often can’t be recycled. Our design approach with Maya has been to strip the refills back to the absolute essential, cutting weight and maximising the use of renewable materials.

The primary packaging design has been driven by user experience. We are excited to give companies an opportunity to switch their products to refillables without compromising on their brand experience.”

- Jo Barnard, Morrama founder and Creative Director


Whilst the material of the refill is defined, the vessel design has been created to work with a range of materials from rPET to PMMA and there is also a full aluminium range set to launch in 2024. PPK have also developed a technique of achieving high quality printing across complex surfaces, opening up opportunities for full customisation from brands looking to make their range stand out.


This first range is the beginning of a longer partnership between Morrama and PPK and opens up opportunities for brands looking for bespoke or semi-custom packaging solutions. If you are interested in the Maya range for your product, or want to explore customisation opportunities please get in touch at

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