Morrama Impact Report 21/22

As part of the path to B Corp, Morrama recorded its time spent on social and environmental impact.
August 1, 2022

Sharing knowledge

200hrs+ teaching hrs with 50+ RCA students.

40hrs+ mentoring with MBB and Ravensbourne mentees at a cost of £2,200 to Morrama.

16 events where various members of the Morrama team have spoken about diversity, sustainability and education.

Our sustainable writing resources have been read over 10,000 times this year alone.

Creating resources such as our 10 Principles, Sustainability Handbook and many other articles has cost the agency over £10k. We see this as an investment in Morrama, our peers and the wider community.

Charity donations and certifications

We’ve always been a fan of 1% for the planet and when it came to formalising our charitable donation process this amazing initiative made perfect sense.

By donating to ON A MISSION we were able to compensate our operation’s carbon calculations by 3X.

1% also curates incredible charities may not have ever heard of. We’ve been able to donate to the Karrkad Kanjdji Trust, Support + Feed, Drip by Drip, Women Engage for a Common Future, 501cthree and Arbio.

We have been certified as a London Living Wage employer to ensure all interns and contractors such as cleaners receive fair wages.

Finally, Morrama spent over 100+ hrs and counting getting ready to submit for B Corp.

Our products

Hunu reusable cup: 80,000 units sold that will divert single-use product purchasing. If each cup was used once a week for one year, that would avoid over 4 million single-use coffee cups (estimated).

WIld Refill Deodorant: 12 million refills have been sold in the last 12 months. If a typical user would have bought a plastic version these would have all been sent to recycling or landfill. The refill system design Morrama has a significantly lower impact than standard FMCG options on the market.

Wype has sold over 20,000 refills for their innovative wet wipe alternative. Each refill has 250 uses so that is 5 million wet wipes that have been diverted from the pipes.

Allbody & Angle Razor: Our personal project to make mainstream impossible to recycle plastic shaving cartridges redundant have sold over 4000 refills in the last 12 months alone.

All of the learnings from these projects have allowed us to create the 10 Design Principles and the Sustainable Handbook. These resources are there for other businesses and designers to utilise in their projects where we hope to see a further impact.

Disclaimer: The information shown in this report has been obtained by speaking with various stakeholders, timesheets and financial reports. The data should be treated as estimates to illustrate the impact of our work. We will endeavour to make this information as accurate as possible and continue to add further data points as we progress.


Andy Trewin Hutt