Wild Refillable Lip Balm

A refillable lip balm packaging design

Project team
Léa Berger, Harry Mason, Olive Kennington, Juliette Bouilly, Jo Barnard


A self-initiated project in partnership with one of our Far East suppliers, the refillable lipstick/lip balm packaging is part of our Maya range and Wild is the first company to adopt it as part of their refillable cosmetics range.


Many refill packaging solutions are either proprietary, expensive or still reliant on plastic in the refill. The lip balm refill is plastic free and home compostable.


Launched in March 2024, the Wild lip balm sold out within a week.

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Maya packaging

Seeing an increased demand for refillables, Morrama began developing a range of refillable cosmetics packaging with a manufacturing partner in the Far East. Naming this range Maya after the newest Morrama baby to be born, the goal was for the packaging to be price accessible and available to anyone, enabling more brands to switch to more sustainable solutions.

Stripping the refill back to the absolute essentials and removing single-use plastic, the range includes refillable packaging for both liquids and solids across beauty and skincare.

Wild lip balm

Seeking to extend their range of refillable products, Wild launched their lip balm in the Maya refillable packaging in March 2024 and sold out within a week.

The keep-case design is minimal and timeless, made from a combination or PCR plastic and recycled aluminium. The refill itself is paper based, compostable and comes with a replaceable paper tube top that enables you to switch out lip balm colours or flavours even if you haven't quite used it all up.

For more details on the Maya Packaging range by Morrama, visit www.mayapkg.com

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