Engineering blended drinks on the go

Project team
Dan Lloyd, Juliette Bouilly, Jo Barnard, Harry Mason, Léa Berger


To develop a solution to whipping up a barista quality matcha, chai or protein beverage on the go.


Despite the complex engineering on the inside, the design is elegantly minimal on the outside.


Having launched in 2022, U.S. startup Visp are ‘shaking up’ the drinks bottle industry with the worlds first on-the-go whisk bottle.

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We were frustrated with the lack of mess-free and convenient options to craft our favorite beverages.

- Harrison and Mariana, Visp Founders


An engineering challenge

To ensure a stable and silent whisk, the team engineered a patent-pending bottle lid and whisk assembly which is powered by a rechargeable battery. Needing to ensure it could be safely submerged in water, each detail from the USB-C port to the drinking hole needed to be carefully designed to an IP65 rating. Another challenge was designing for disassembly. Both to enable the bottle to be repaired, but also for separating materials at the end of life. Four fixing points are hidden underneath the internal seal, leaving a a seamless aesthetic inside and out.

The final challenge was how to insulate the bottle so it was safe to hold when carrying hot drinks. An innovative sleeve design was created that’s ribbed on the inside, trapping a layer of air and reducing the heat transfer enough to safely hold even with liquids nearing boiling point.

Design and user experience

Despite the complex engineering on the inside, in true Morrama style, the design is elegantly minimal. A flip-cap ensures the bottle can be opened and closed one-handed whilst also providing a fail-safe pressure-release when whisking up hot-drinks. A large silicone button completes the top of the bottle cap.

The silicone sleeve is colour-matched to the button and USB plug, providing a window that both indicates the fill level, but gives you a view of the whisking process.

Colours, materials & finish

Made from borosilicate glass, the bottle has been built to last. With a food safe plastic cap, silicone sleeve and removable stainless steel whisk the bottle is 100% BPA free and (except the lid) dishwasher safe. With a modern colour palette and a flawless matte finish, the Visp Elixir Mixer has been considered down to the last detail for a truly premium experience.

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