Toy Projects

Sex toys for women, designed by women

Project team
Léa Berger, Juliette Bouilly, Jo Barnard


To design a range of personal vibes for the female market


Designed by women for women the family of personable vibes were focused around the fact that everyone is different, everyone has a different pleasure preference.


Three playful yet timeless vibrators with a soft, approachable design aesthetic.

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"Reshaping the way people think about pleasure, streetwear and art."



The Range

Lead by interviews and conversations with other women, three forms were created.

Two Good is the most unique of the three forms. Inspired by the feeling of touching yourself with two fingers, the rabbit-esque design has a playful recognisable character.

Come Round is the all rounder. With a softer phallic form this is suitable for all over massaging both outside and in.

On Point is inspired by the classic lipstick vibrator, with a soft but precise tip that channels the vibrations for pinpoint precision.

Design Approach

The toys were sculpted in clay before being translated into 3D CAD data for the manufacturing process. The nature of using clay in this way is evident in the smooth forms of the final designs. Made from super soft medical grade liquid silicone and with super powerful vibrations, these toys are set to be market leaders in both function and quality.

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