Phoenix Tela

Planet-conscious luggage

Project team
Ben Melvin, Lucy Williams, Jo Barnard, Jasdeep Kular


To redesign the Phoenix Tela, the hero cabin suitcase of the Pheonix brand, giving it a fresh look and improving the user experience.


Francesco Salom is an artist, traveller and founder of Phoenix; a bold Italian travel brand. TELA means canvas in Italian. We created a suitcase that is both a literal canvas and a representation of the memories we capture as we travel to new places.


Having began work in 2023, working from design through to manufacture, the TELA 40, 70 and 100 launched in Florence in June 2024.

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“We deliberately kept the front face of the suitcase completely free from distractions. Every bump, scratch and sticker represents a travel memory and it is something a user should cherish. We also wanted the design to serve as a blank slate for any future artist collaborations, and allow for endless customisation possibilities.”



Phoenix is a planet conscious luggage brand that strives to redefine what it means to travel. Inspired by the beauty of nature, Phoenix cherishes the stories of the people who use the product and the places that they visit. Morrama designed the collection based on Phoenix's four brand pillars: design for disassembly, design for circularity, design for modularity, and design for desire. 

TELA 2.0

Our project with Phoenix was not the company's first launch. Phoenix entered the market with TELA 1.0 in 2019. Having tested the market, Francesco Salom approached Morrama to reimagine the product range for a new, younger audience. 


With a focus on design for disassembly, we wanted to ensure the case could be separated for repair or recycling. Initially aiming to enable the removal of parts, such as the trolley handle, from the outside, we settled on running the handle down the inside of the case so that it is protected from knocks and dents that would impact its function. 

The final trolley design offers one of the most eye-catching features of the design. It spans the full width of the suitcase, providing greater control while maximising packing space. Fixed with a patented system, the entire trolley handle can be easily removed and replaced with just four screws. 

Alongside design for disassembly, Phoenix is committed to a take-back scheme, ensuring damaged parts are recycled and functional parts reused as spares. As the brand grows, we have plans for further refinements to the shell as we continue to support the brand on its sustainability journey.


TELA, which is Italian for canvas, was born out of passion for art. Each suitcase features a completely blank front and continuous frame, aiming to act as a blank canvas. With the angular trolley handle sitting seamlessly within the frame, the case presents a striking symmetry when viewed from all angles. In order to celebrate the idea of the case as a canvas, we wanted to strip out any distractions front and back, even going so far as to hide the trolley release button underneath the handle.

Materials, Colours & Finishes

Materials are the foundation of any product, especially when evaluating its environmental impact. The main shell is made from poly-carbonate with a 30% recycled (PIR) content. Whilst the Phoenix team are working to increase the recycled content in the future, testing showed significant compromise to the lifespan and durability test results at higher ratios. The same goes for the other structural plastic parts that only have a small % of recycled material in order to maintain the durability. Due to global supply challenges, virgin aluminium was used throughout the case for the initial launch, but with the disassembly considerations the material can be efficiently recaptured post use. All the textile elements are made from 100% recycled nylon.

The initial launch colours include the classic Black, a 'Tela White' - colour-matched to the traditional off-white of an artist's canvas, and an energetic Lilac. The bespoke texture of the TELA 2.0 is also designed to mimic the coarse woven finish of canvas.

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