Rethinking wellness

Project team
Ben Polhill, Jo Barnard, Andy Trewin Hutt


Having initially launched with a function-first medical looking device, Nurosym came to Morrama for a considered design update.


Medical meets lifestyle, the Nurosym device needed to convey the sense of trust associated with medical products, whilst maintaining an aesthetic that would not look out of place if worn in public.


Launched in 2021 Nurosym is leading the way in bioelectric medicine, one of the most exciting new fields in modern science.

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With an existing functioning product already in existence, our role was to improve the user experience. With daily hour long sessions part of the suggested use-case, Nurosym could be worn out and about, or on a work Zoom call. It needed to look discreet and familiar as well as fitting securely. Taking cues from sports headphones, we designed the ear piece to loop over the ear to hold it in place and make it easier to line it up correctly with the tragus.

The controller is slim enough to slip into a pocket and we stripped back the complicated UX to make set up and go a matter of a few clicks.


Alongside the product design, we created a premium plastic free packaging solution designed to help on-board the user as they unbox their Nurosym.


Further trials have shown Nurosym to be a successful way to alleviate symptoms of long-Covid including chronic fatigue, brain fog, body aches, and shortness of breath, in a 10 day targeted autonomic reset.

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