Kiddle Kids Clock

Designing better daily routines for young children

Project team
Léa Berger, Ben Polhill, Jo Barnard


To design a product aimed at children to help them develop their independence by learning about time, routines and good sleeping habits


This product comes to life through 3 friendly animal characters that can be followed on screen through simple animations and illustrations - making it more accessible to its target audience


A beautifully simple clock with a large colourful display that can fit in any children bedroom, with a thoughtful user interface, friendly branding and a playful packaging

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One of the most common hurdles for parents of a toddler is the beginning of their independence - especially at night when they start waking up and getting up on their own. ‘OK to wake’ products in particular (letting children know that they can get out of bed or that they should go back to sleep) are highly sought after to instil some good sleeping habits and let parents get some rest too.


This insight informed the decision of making Kiddle an ‘OK to wake’ product, but there was also a real interest in expanding this beyond night time. Kiddle is a digital clock with an alarm clock function. Furthermore, the ‘routine builder’ helps parents to create a fully customised morning and/or evening routine where they can choose various steps (brushing teeth, eating breakfast, getting dressed, etc) and how long each should last. When the time comes, animations appear on the screen to guide the child through each step of their day while teaching them about the notion of time. To make it a well rounded product and appeal to younger audiences, Kiddle also acts as a meditation guide and nightlight and can play lullabies during bedtime.


Developing Kiddle’s brand universe was a challenging but rewarding task. The target user of the product is primarily children, but parents will be the ones making the purchase and setting up the product. It also needs to feel timeless in case more products are to be added to the range.

We focused our efforts on creating 3 characters represented by animals. A bear, a dog and a cat named Bernie, Dylan and Cassie. These heroes are found throughout the user interface of the product (one has to be chosen when setting up the product) and the companion story book “Off to the moon” that helps explain how to use Kiddle through an age appropriate bedtime story.


The industrial design of Kiddle is purposely simple and minimal to help the brand universe shine through. Navigation through the user interface is done with a few physical buttons. There are 4 different colourways, each representing a different type of landscape. Some stickers have been designed for each of the themes, so they can be used to customise each Kiddle frame - but they can also serve as rewards stickers. Morrama was responsible for the hardware design, as well as all illustrations, stickers, user interface, branding and packaging for Kiddle.

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