Worlds most compact reusable coffee cup

Project team
Lea Berger, Harry Mason, Jo Barnard, Ben Melvin


To design a compact reusable coffee cup


Compact is convenience. Having a cup that could slip in a pocket or a bag was key to ensuring the user would always have it with them when they needed it.


Engineering a bespoke tri-fold method, the cups collapse to the most compact size on the market without compromise on integrity when open. The elasticated heat insulates the cup with filled with hot liquids and adds a unique aesthetic to the HUNU range.

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On a mission to reduce the insane number (165 million) of single-use cups that get disposed of every single day, HUNU came to us in 2019.

The opportunity

In a world of convenience, the problem with current re-usable cups and bottles is carrying them around the 99% of the time you aren’t using them. Inevitably left behind because they don’t fit in a pocket or bag, you end up resorting back to picking up your coffee in a paper cup. HUNU set us the challenge to change this.

Designing for convenience

Collapsing down to 2cm, just 23% of it’s expanded height, the HUNU coffee cup solves the problem of where to put it before and after use, because now it fits in a lot more places. We’ve considered each aspect of the user journey to the smallest detail to create a thoughtful minimal design. The insulation band means it’ll never be too hot to handle and the plug attached to it seals up the drinking hole so you won’t be leaking coffee in your jacket pocket.

Every aspect of the HUNU cup has been custom designed to provide the best user experience. From the beautiful texture of the bamboo plastic lid to the soft feel of the premium silicone the HUNU cup highlights that convenience doesn’t come at a compromise to quality.


After the successful launch of the HUNU 8oz, we worked with the HUNU team to update the design and introduce three new sizes; 12oz, 16oz and 20oz. The new cup sizes feature an improved lid design with a hidden vent inside a patented swivelling plug seal. Collapsing 1cm smaller than the leading competitor, the products were launched on Kickstarter end of February.

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