Figma Awards

Designing a playful trophy for Figma

Project team
Ben Polhill, Dan Lloyd, Jo Barnard


To design and produce a series of trophies for Figma to internally celebrate the success of team and individual achievements.


Taking inspiration from the Figma product itself the trophy design is built on the idea of playful geometric shapes, layered up to create unique iconic forms.


Manufacturing locally from recycled PLA we were able to bring the trophies from sketch to production in a quick turnaround.

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The brief

Wanting to be able to celebrate team and individual successes internally, we were approached by the Figma product team to design three trophies, which could be manufactured in small batches. Looking for a fast-paced design sprint, we set out to complete the design and manufacturing in 6 weeks.

The design

Drawing inspiration from the Figma product and brand, the trophy design is built on the idea of playful geometric shapes, layered up to create unique totem forms. Having created the 'building blocks' for the design that would be compatible with 3D printing constraints, we stacked them in different ways to create the three individual trophy designs.

At each stage of the process, key stakeholders of the Figma team voted on the design directions that best represented their teams and what individuals would be proud to receive and display, whether at home or in the office.

The awards were designed to feel like a considered family, as it’s possible for an individual to win more than one award, so we aimed to make sure the forms and colours paired well with each other. The finished size of the awards was considered for a comfortable grip in hand, while being able to fit neatly into surrounding environments such as shelving and furniture. 

Different concepts were presented and refined, until the team were happy with trophies that best represented the Figma brand and the spaces in which they would live and be displayed. The trophies needed to be able to be shipped across the country and be delivered safely and intact to each winner.

The build

When it came to manufacture, it made sense to look locally. Having worked with our neighbours at Batch.Works on our Kibu project, they felt like a great fit for this project. We love the finish created utilising their 3D-print method and being able to perfect design and colour so quickly with them was key to delivering the awards on time.

The trophies are made from recycled PLA in Terracotta, Ochre and Cobalt and designed for a build without support material, meaning we could minimise waste and create a more seamless finish. Each award is then finished with the laser etched Figma logo and award category.

The awards can be reproduced in other colours and engraved with new categories, allowing Figma to continue their internal awards

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