Boxx Punch Pods

Elevating the boxing workout

Project team
Ben Melvin, Jasdeep Kular, Jo Barnard, Harry Mason


To design an intuitive smart device to enhance the boxing workout


Create a beautiful and easy to use pair of punch pods that work with an app for use anywhere, any time.


Boxx launched the wearable with a national campaign across major cities in the UK in 2023.

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‘The keyword for us was simplicity. Bringing technology to the world of boxing in a stress free, considerate way. We wanted to maintain physical feedback on the product with simple touch points that allows users to enjoy the platform with confidence and ease.’

- Ben Melvin, Design Lead



The UK boxing market is huge. Boxing is a super effective cardio workout that helps people of all shapes and sizes stay fit. Boxx already had a great following through their studios in London, so expanding this community with online classes made sense. The Boxx app facilitated this community extension with users able to follow professional instructors in the comfort of their own home. But people want to track and see progress in a measurable way beyond standing on the scales. Enter ‘Punch Pods’. Utilising custom built machine learning technology, the Punch Pods will track output, speed and calories burned during a workout. Leaning into boxing tradition, Morrama engineered and developed the Boxx eco-system, consisting of punch tracking pods, a charging case and wearable glove wraps that house the pods during workouts.


From the early phases of this project we wanted to build out the product using simple geometry. Playfully combining squares, circles and rectangles, we arrived at a minimalist arrangement of punch pods and charging case, square pods housed symmetrically within a rectangular case. Positioned within the square pods are circular buttons titled ‘L’ & ‘R’, used to communicate the orientation of the wearable. Geometric borders were blended with tactile curves throughout the product to encourage users to engage and familiarise themselves with the product.


The product was built to feel personal, desirable but accessible and inclusive. The CMF (colour, material, finish) was developed with this in mind. The charging case exterior colours have been kept muted, inspired by the home with warm pinks, navy and grey. The Pods themselves are a complimentary tone, aside from the flagship SKU which combines the Boxx Black with a punchy white on the inside.

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