Art of Ping Pong Full Size Table

Morrama were invited to design full size ping pong tables for the Art of Ping Pong, which would be manufactured in the UK and introduced at a launch party in Book Club in East London.

Using the manufacturing techniques available to us, we created a ping pong table that can also be used in an office environment, through the use of elements such as a removable net, brass cable organisation and storage space down the length of the table.

The table, which itself is reflective of an art canvas, was adorned with artwork from Kelly Anna , a London based artist who creates empowering art with colourful identity. The table was launched as part of Kelly's exhibition 'She Stole The Show' in which Art of Ping Pong was a guest collaborator and is now on sale. 


Industrial Design

User Experience


KellyAnnaShow - Industrial design london.jpg
Kelly Anna Show - design london.jpg
Product Design KellyAnnaShow-18.jpg