Future industrial design trends for 2024 and beyond

Building upon the design trends we’ve seen emerging in 2023, our focus shifts forward to 2024 and beyond.
January 1, 2024

Top product design trends for 2024

1. Embracing Accessibility: A Cause for Celebration

One noteworthy tech trend deserving of greater acknowledgement is Accessible Design. Vogue Braille, an exciting release, has ignited a significant movement in this direction. Put it down to an aging population, increased awareness of diversity, or brands simply finding ways to access new audiences, the outcome is design is no longer overlooking those users that have traditionally fallen outside the marketing targets. At Morrama, we contribute to this narrative by creating Wype, a revolutionary big-buttoned gel dispenser that turns any toilet paper into a wet wipe. Expect to see further innovation here, particularly in cosmetics, tech and transportation.

2. Access to Product + Experience: Redefining Consumer Interaction

The paradigm of 'Rental Over Purchase' takes centre stage in our second trend. Platforms, like Rent the Runway, Vertuo, and ON Running shoes subscription, draw parallels to the Netflix model, offering users access to products in alternative ways to ownership. Expect to see more brands get creative with how they get consumers using and reusing their products, giving new audiences access to products they couldn’t afford to buy outright.

3. Right To Repair + Maintain Performance: A Sustainable Imperative

Amidst a micro-trend advocating for increased governmental support, exemplified by initiatives like the one in Austria, our third industrial design trend highlights the growing importance of the Right to Repair. Focusing on sustaining performance and minimising environmental impact, this trend reflects a longer-term shift towards more responsible and eco-conscious consumer choices and pressure on brands to take more responsibility for what happens to their products after they are sold.

4. Products as Experiences and Expressions: Unveiling the Aesthetics

Our fourth trend explores the intersection of design and emotion, emphasising Products That Deliver Experiences and Expression. Utilising colours and finishes to bring soft, simple forms to life, this trend redefines the aesthetics of industrial design. Moving away from the minimalism favoured by millennials, to a more playful, you could say more child-like, design style loved by Gen-Z, expect braver fashion-influenced products across tech and consumer markets in-particular.

5. Transparency in Design: Illuminating the Supply Chain

The final overarching trend centres around customers appreciating transparency both in product aesthetics and the supply chain. At Morrama, we recognise the enduring significance of this trend. Beyond the colour and transparency of products, the ability to comprehend the origin and future impact of a product stands as a poetic fusion of design and logistics. In 2024, transparency remains not just a fleeting notion but a here-to-stay value that resonates with the discerning consumer.

As we navigate the dynamic landscape of industrial design predictions for 2024-25, Morrama stands committed to shaping the future of innovative solutions in both a planet and consumer conscious way. Our dedication to accessible, sustainable, and visually exciting design reflects not only current industrial design trends but values that define our commitment to excellence. Join us on this exciting journey, as we do our part to move the industry towards a more thoughtful and impactful design future.

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Andy Trewin Hutt, Jo Barnard and Ben Polhill