Z Lab

Designing better sleep

Project team
Ben Polhill, Jo Barnard, Andy Trewin Hutt


To create a truly light blocking sleep mask using sustainable materials.


Performance meets sleep was the goal here. The Night Visor® is a pioneering high-performance sleep mask blended with plant fibres Lyocell and Organic Cotton.


A unique molded inner cushion and nose-piece that gives a fully sealed blackout, allowing for the face to breathe and providing plenty of space for your eyelashes.

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“Definitely the best sleep mask I have ever tried and there have been many.”

— Dr Tamsin Lewis, Medical Director of Wellgevity



The key requirement of the Z Lab mask was to ensure complete light blocking whilst leaving space for the wearer to open their eyes. Working with a press forming manufacturing process we were able to design a bespoke foam shape that contours the face, lifting the mask away from the eyes, without a rigid structure. This foam is wrapped in a plant based lyocell and organic cotton blend fabric, resulting in a pillow soft mask with a silk-like feel.

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