Wild Refillable Shower Gel

Compostable liquids packaging for refillable shower gel

Project team
Juliette Bouilly, Jo Barnard, Lucy Williams, Léa Berger


To develop a first-of-its-kind refillable shower gel for UK based startup Wild, challenging the cosmetics industry with their range of sustainable refillable bathroom products.


No single use plastic. That has been Wild's commitment, yet putting a liquid into a compostable pack was a challenge few brands had achieved.


The world’s first plastic-free refill packaging for shower gel, made from compostable bamboo based material. The product is housed in a shower gel dispenser made from aluminum, and the pump contains 50% post-consumer recycled plastic.

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“We designed the Wild shower gel case with consideration for every detail, from ease of user experience, to its recyclability and sustainable credentials. It has been designed as a truly premium product experience, but at an affordable price.”

- Jo Barnard


On average, British adults throw away 312 plastic bottles per year, but only half recycle bathroom packaging. There are limited plastic-free options available on the cosmetic market, especially for liquids, but UK start-up Wild aimed to change that.

Compostable refills for liquids

Transporting liquids without plastic or high energy aluminium is a major challenge. Whilst there are compostable pouches on the market, they lack durability and they need to be poured into a refillable vessel. The goal with Wild was to create a refill that was both convenient and compostable. A refill that would leave no trace, breaking down breaking down completely, even in landfill conditions, in less than 2 years.


Having spent almost 3 years exploring material options, performing countless tests and design iterations, we found a material that would work. The Wild refills are made from 70% bamboo starch, a fast-growing plant known for its natural waterproof properties. The remaining 30% is plant starch from agricultural waste and is used to enhance the refills’ structural integrity. Once the refill is empty it can be put on the compost heap or in general waste where it will biodegrade faster than a banana peel.


The lightweight aluminium case has been designed to complement the deodorant’s sleek aesthetic and encloses the bamboo refill, fully protecting it from water and humidity. The only plastic part of the product is the pump which is made from 50% post-consumer recycled plastic.

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