Design to reduce child mortality

Project team
Ben Melvin, Jo Barnard


Working with the challenges in healthcare systems in low-income countries such as South Sudan, our goal was to help mothers take control of their babies vaccinations.


Empowerment was key. By working with immunisation specialists and international aid workers we created an intuitive wearable that mothers would be proud to wear.


The Vactraca necklace is a simple low-cost solution that enables immunisation records to be kept by a child's parent, so no matter where they are, they know what vaccines their child needs and when.

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In remote areas of countries such as South Sudan or Nigeria, hundreds of thousands of infants do not complete their routine immunisations. With no digital records and inconsistent access to medical services, paper vaccine cards are often lost and parents can’t remember what vaccines have or haven’t been administered.

Vactraca founder, Victoria, had first hand experience of this during her work with UNICEF and approached Morrama to help develop a product that mothers could keep with them that would act as a more clear and permanent record of their babies vaccines.


The necklace has seven discs, each representing a stage in the infants early life at which vaccines are administered. The relevant vaccines are printed onto the disc, enabling them to be tailored to the country of use and a bespoke ink has been used to enable the medical professional to permanently mark off the vaccines given at each visit.

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