Robin TV Remote

Designing an inclusive universal TV remote

Project team
Jo Barnard, Ben Melvin, Andy Trewin Hutt


After the success of the Day Clock that we designed for the Robin team in 2018, we worked with them again in 2020 to design this simplified universal TV remote.


Inclusive but playful was how we approached the design. We wanted to break down the stigma typically attached to 'designed for the elderly' devices.


The Robin remote was launched in the U.S. in 2020.

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With the industry still not paying enough attention to designing for the needs of the elderly, existing products on the market are often clunky or confusing. Seeking to change this, the design of the Robin Remote is free from fuss and has a thoughtful user experience.

Design considerations

Taking cues from the Robin clock design, the remote is free from superfluous styling. The design details that are there have been carefully considered and the use of textile for the branding tag and the interchangeable wrist or neck cord bring a softness and lifestyle feel to the design. The use of colour is minimally used to call out the key buttons; up, down, volume and power.

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