Robin Day Clock

Inclusive design for the ageing population

Project team
Lea Berger, Ben Polhill, Andy Trewin Hutt, Jo Barnard


To design an approachable display that would elevate the day clock beyond its humble Amazon beginnings.


The Robin day clock is designed to be easy to use by anyone and integrate easily into their lives.


Morrama carried out the Industrial Design of the product, UI, UX, Branding and Packaging

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The day clock

Working with a client with over 200,ooo customers of the original day clock gave us a clear understanding of how we could improve the offering. We wanted to deliver a soft and caring piece of industrial design that would elevate the day clock beyond its humble Amazon beginnings.

With features like a one touch talking clock, a simple UI that corresponds with the controls on the device and simple schedules to set up for visitors and medication, the Robin day clock is designed to be easy for anyone to integrate into their lives.


Existing day clocks are shouty with block capitals and clunky interfaces. We wanted to change this. Intended for a target audience with possible visual impairment, memory loss or dementia, we set out to create a custom UI that was as clear as possible but equally comforting and reassuring.


To complete the package, Morrama undertook the creative direction and brand execution for Robin. Previously American Lifetime, we renamed the brand to embody the friendly, reassuring product. This process took us from company architecture, through naming, branding, packaging and creative direction.

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