Designing travel solutions for the Indian market

Project team
Ben Polhill, Jo Barnard, Andy Hutt


Design a beautiful suitcase for the Indian market.


In a market dominated by foreign brands or cheap Chinese luggage, we helped Mokobara position itself as an aspirational Indian brand. WIth a design that was a canvas for colour and personality, we set out to create a suitcase that is everything a suitcase should be and no more.


Launched in January 2020 Mokobara is now leading the growing hard-case luggage market in the second largest populated country in the world.

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We are over the moon to see the success of Mokobara having helped them at the very start of their journey designing their flagship suitcase and supporting the brand and market positioning.



Mokobara approached Morrama in 2019 to design a new standard of luggage for the Indian market.

Storytelling and positioning

Beginning with a deep dive into the market, we worked with Mokobara to write the story that would guide the design of both the flagship suitcase and future product ranges. The market lacked a brand that communicated both luxury and personality. A visual language combining minimal aesthetic with bold colour pops was established that has since become distinct to Mokobara in the luggage market.

Packing in the function at an affordable price

When it comes to the design of the Cabin itself, it's all about packing in the functionality at an affordable price.

We studied the packing habits of all types of people and realised that everyone does it differently. Whether you are meticulously organised or a throw-it-all-in-and-force-it-closed kind of person, this luggage has the features you need without over-complication.

The internal features are packed in a minimal lightweight shell with tried and tested silent Hinomoto wheels. With a nod to the target market the colour palette is inspired by the rich yellows, greens and blue of nature synonymous with travel and adventure.

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