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who we are

Morrama is a team of multidisciplinary designers that partners with startups, entrepreneurs and established businesses to design and develop unique, meaningful and marketable product propositions. Based in London, Morrama offers end-to-end design services to companies from around the world taking projects from early stage idea through to product launch.



our work


Marlon Travel Suitcase

We worked with US startup Marlon to develop their flagship carry-on suitcase taking it from early concepting to successful Kickstarter to manufacture

blubel smart bicycle bell

Blubel is a navigation device cleverly incorporated inside a bicycle bell, taking up less space on your handlebars


Leakbot is a smart monitor that can detect a leaking water pipe in the home and sends useful information and alerts directly to your smartphone


Stack Awards 2016

Stack approached us with the brief to design the trophy for their 2016 Magazine awards ceremony


Working with an Indian entrepreneur we designed and prototyped a connected soil moisture sensor to help improve farming productivity in South Asia. 


UpDownLeftRight is a wearable for kids that tracks their activities; rewarding them with points they can claim back in online games