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Westminster Lion Awards

Morrama were grateful when Westminster Council tasked us with designing the official awards to be presented at the Westminster Lion Awards in October 2018.

Whilst wanting to maintain the essence of the heritage associated with the City, the awards were to have a modern and contemporary aesthetic. Morrama presented initial concepts to the council, drawing inspiration from the geographical layout of Westminster, the crest of the city and the very foundations the city was built upon.

The finalised design of the award is based upon a simplified overview of the geographical boundaries of the City of Westminster. The gold plaque represents the city itself located north of the river and encapsulates the prosperous business opportunity in the City of Westminster, while conveying at the same time the beautiful gold embellishments that can be found throughout the borough. Manufactured in the UK from English oak the awards are themselves a celebration of local design and craftsmanship.


Product Design


Concept Design

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