Our Story

We set out wanting to create an experience that embraced the ritual of shaving and a product that’s beautifully designed and built to last. So we made the Angle Razor.

We re-invented a 300 year old design...

Although straight razors are favoured by professional barbers and are widely regarded as giving a cleaner, closer shave, we noticed that there has been little innovation in the area since they were first developed in Sheffield, UK in 1680.


...and created a straight razor for personal use.

Angle has everything that you would expect to find in a traditional straight razor but we've updated the ergonomics and the functionality to make a more versatile and more compact shaving tool for personal use. Enabling you to re-create the barbering ritual at home.


Based on your insights, developed on your feedback.

We looked carefully at how people use straight razors and the problems that they experience with them. We wanted to create something that was easy to use and where the blades were easy to change. We’ve now had hundreds of users test and validate the Angle Razor. Read more here.


An award winning design.

After raising £60,000 on Kickstarter and launching the Angle Razor in 2018 we have won several awards including the coveted D&AD pencil and have been shortlisted for Wallpaper’s Best New Grooming Product.


Only question now is… silver or black?

The Angle razor with stand is a work of art...it’s a beauty
— Jason M (Kickstarter Backer)