Our process.


Our process allows us to deliver a service covering early research, strategy, design, development, prototyping and manufacture. We get involved in every stage of the project and focus on building long lasting relationships with our clients to ensure that the outcome is delivered to the highest standard possible. Our process has four main stages:


01. discovery

At this divergent stage of the project we work to establish the potential user group and market. We carry out early stage validation and market research to gather insights that set out the foundations for the rest of the project. 

- validation through desk research
- market analysis
- ethnographic research

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02. definition

We identify trends, gauge where the product will sit in the market and pinpoint unique opportunities for innovation. It’s at this point that we start working as a team in creative sessions in which we explore a range of ideas that respond to our research findings.

- market trends research
- opportunity identification
- ideation


03. development

After we’ve presented the results of the Definition stage, we take the chosen idea and develop each aspect of the functionality and aesthetic in 2D and 3D, working towards a final prototype.

- concept generation
- qualitative testing
- rapid prototyping and modelmaking

04. delivery

Once the design phase is resolved, we will take you step by step through the design for manufacture phase of the project; liaising with manufacturers and suppliers and supporting with each stage of development until the product reaches the market.  

- product development
- design for manufacture
- manufacturer liaison