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Manta was created with the aid and knowledge of professionally trained Osteopath and company Founder, Harry. He had identified a problem with existing healthcare products and their inability to target specific muscles, fundamental to myofascial release and muscle recovery.

The foam roller features unique curves and ridges that mould around the contours of your spine so the central ridges of the roller can reach the important erector spinae muscles and facet joints that run either side of the spinal column. The outer curves of the Manta foam roller are designed to reach the muscles of the upper back and ribs and so provide treatment of the whole back. The roller also has a durable finger loop built in for convenient carrying and transporting around an active lifestyle.

Morrama helped deliver the Manta foam roller from concept design through to mass production and shipping, including sustainable packaging. The Manta brand image was also created by Morrama to convey a clinical and knowledgeable message of self therapy in the health and well-being sector.

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