Industrial Designer

The role of Industrial Designer is a full time (40hr/w) position at Morrama’s office; in the Tea Building, Shoreditch.

Being a designer at Morrama means joining a team passionate about putting out consistently awesome product design. They should have a constant drive to strive for perfection and the consideration of every facet of an idea, even when under pressure. At the same time, they are expected to provide feedback and support to the other designers within the team; collaboration is key to our design process.

There is high level of responsibility within the role, but a high level of reward as well. This role gives you an opportunity to input into the design phase of each of the diverse range of products we work on and to be a key component in a small by energetic team.


You should have:

- a mature but imaginative sense of design thinking
- A sense of pride and confidence in your own design capabilities, but an understanding of how to design within a team.
- Good communication; verbal, written and visual.
- Good leadership and teamwork; an understanding of how to give and receive feedback
- Confidence both in speaking/pitching (to clients) & in putting forward ideas
- Good time management
- Self-motivated
- High attention to detail

Skills required:
- InDesign
- Sketching (paper or digital)
- CAD (Solidworks)

Skills that are useful, but not essential:
- Keyshot
- Illustrator
- Photoshop


Expectations & Opportunities

 As we are a growing team, you will quickly have the opportunity to take on further responsibilities and really mould your position within Morrama. We will expect and encourage from you:

- a high level of creativity and freedom to think outside the box
- proactivity with regards to managing your time
- initiative on briefs; we want your ideas especially if you disagree
- a professional and passionate approach to the job


In return we will:
- help you play to your strengths but also encourage your learning and development
- provide you with the support you need to work to the best of your abilities



£25-35k dependent on experience.

Get in touch at: work@morrama.com