Seb's time at Morrama

Seb is an AS Level student at the point of working out what to study at University. He sent us a letter asking if we could give him an insight into life at Morrama and came in last month to spend a couple of days working closely with lead designer Mike Hankin. These are his (un-edited I promise) words...



Having just finished the first year of sixth form, I have had to start seriously thinking about university courses and what I want to do. Product design was high on my list, so I researched product design companies in London and got into contact with Morrama to see if they would be willing to give me some work experience to gain an insight into what is involved and how a product design studio operates. Mike Hankin, Lead Designer at Morrama, invited me to spend two days with them in July.

The first day involved working on a real project, which was to design a security sealer for a suitcase or bag. It was a difficult concept for me to get my head around, but Mike and I got inspiration from Pinterest and started sketching ideas for the project. 

On the second day, Mike and I worked on another project, which a product to help runners/joggers alert people that they are approaching, much like a cyclist’s bell. I discovered that sketching and drawing are two very different things, and once I got the gist of it, sketching ideas was great fun. When I had a few ideas on paper, I picked my favourite one, which was headphones that, at a push of a button, would play the music out loud to alert people that a runner is behind them. Mike helped me develop the idea into a final design then showed me how to use Adobe Illustrator to make a realistic representation of my idea. It took me some time to get used to the program, and Mike was very patient with me (he has a great poker face), but eventually we successfully copied the design.


It was great fun working with Jo Barnard and especially Mike, who took care of me the whole two days, and was an awesome, fun guy to be around. The working environment was great at Morrama, with lots of different small businesses in one office, making it feel like a small community. I wish them the best of luck in the future and encourage anyone interested in studying product design the check them out. Although I only spent two days at Morrama, I learnt a lot and have made up my mind that product design is what I will be studying at university.

We would like to wish Seb all the best in his studies and are glad he has made the wise choice to study product design at University!! 

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