After researching and dismantling suitcases currently on the market, there seemed to be a gap for a really considered, smart, carry-on for the modern traveller that didn't rely on useless tech additions like GPS and in-built weighing scales. More importantly, it needed to have a unique and up-to-date aesthetic. 

Marlon Sketches

The two main features of the suitcase were to be an assisted compression system - allowing users to pack more stuff - and over sized wheels for stability and mobility.

We 3D printed, tested and refined this expansion and compression mechanism in our offices in the UK to make sure it works every time.

Marlon Compression

The oversized wheels were another engineering nightmare to ensure they were strong enough to withstand rough treatment and overpacking.

Marlon Wheels

In June we flew out to China and worked with three different factories to build the first prototypes and speak with the tool makers. Once back in the UK we immediately began finalising the 3D CAD data for production.

Marlon Factory

On 12th July Marlon launched on Kickstarter. Within 2 hours it had surpassed the initial $30,000 target. 

Marlon Kickstarter

Over the next few months we will be working closely with the manufacturers to tool, produce, test and refine the design and build of the suitcase. With a meticulous attention to detail, we won't be happy until it's perfect. 

Marlon Hero

Stripping away all unnecessary features we are able to minimise the weight and create a sleek modern aesthetic. Combined with the bold copper handle we believe Marlon is the perfect carry-on for all travelers. But just in case you aren't a fan, we've made a jet black version too.   

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