Our newest designer

Going from studying at university to joining a design consultancy is always a big step in an aspiring designer’s career. However, for me, this was a quick and unexpected, having only graduated in July and joining Rob, Jo and Dan in the morrama team in August.

From the first day of starting at the consultancy, I was taken by surprise to be meeting clients and being involved directly with my first project within the first few hours. Personally, I found it great to be thrown into the deep end, allowing myself to learn hard and learn fast. As a young designer at the beginning of my career, it is great to have my design suggestions and decisions be acknowledged and appreciated by both the clients and the rest of team. In the world of design consultancies, it's quite uncommon for young designers to even have contact with clients, let alone be directly involved. Not only does this level of involvement allow myself to develop and test my own abilities, but it helps to learn a considerable amount about how a design consultancy works and runs.  

Another great thing about starting out with a young consultancy like morrama is that it allows plenty of opportunity to network and help grow the company from the beginning. This involves meeting a wide range of passionate clients, attending design events and talks, and networking with like-minded individuals.     

Having only been working for morrama for little over a month now, I can definitely say that the projects have been exciting and varied; working with both corporate and start-up clients, domestically and internationally in the US and Australia. Within this short timeframe, we as a consultancy have taken these various projects from initial ideas, through the concept and ideation phase and now venturing into the development and prototype stages. I am excited to see the results of these projects and to be able to showcase them in the next coming months!

6-a-side football on Tuesdays, beers on Fridays, and plenty of interesting and diverse start-up projects to work on? Not a bad start I'd say!