The Angle Razor is a straight razor designed for personal use. Utilising disposable blades that costs pennies and are available worldwide. If you are considering a plastic free razor with award winning design, the Angle Razor is for you.

Only question now is... black or silver?


Silver Angle Razor kit
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Angle Razor Kit (Silver) £85.00 

Black Angle Razor kit
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Angle Razor Kit (Black) £85.00


Already ordered your Angle Razor and want to prepare? We've put together our top tips on how to get the closest shave here.



Man is this thing has such a beautiful feel and the action of the parts, so satisfying, like the first time I sat in an Eames chair or handled the first iPhone. 

J. Matthew J (Kickstarter Backer)


Not only does it look elegant, but it will restore the meditative practice of shaving, allowing you to slow down for a second and do something the old fashioned way.

Cool Material

The Angle offers the precise shave of a professional barbers, echoed in its clean, sharp design.



The Angle razor w/ stand is a work of’s a beauty

Jason M  (Kickstarter Backer)

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