About us

Morrama is an award winning London based industrial design agency founded in 2014. Originally we set out to provide small creative startups with great product design propositions to help them secure further investment but since then we’ve worked with dozens of startups and entrepreneurs as well as established businesses. With our clients we've overseen the development of products from fast moving consumer goods to luxury luggage to the internet of things. The team is made up of multidisciplinary designers from a range of backgrounds with expertise in design thinking, industrial design and design for manufacture but we’re able to utilise a network of like minded designers and makers from different sectors to best suit our clients’ needs.

Our experience working with startups has enabled us to tailor our offering into a fast-paced, innovative and productive process favouring long term partnerships with clients where we can act as an in house design team to ensure that the final product is as good as it possibly can be. Our end-to-end process covers all the bases and is centred around a model which promotes a hands-on and divergent approach to design.


Our process

Iterations and validations. Our design process is a series of key milestones that are evaluated as the project develops. Regular updates from us and feedback sessions with the client keeps the project's vision in focus.


design flow

The design process

Validating the idea - writing the design brief.

Initial concepts - design thinking through sketches, illustrations and research.

Design phase - 3D renders and sketch models.

Final design - renders, 3D files and/or prototypes.

manufacture flow

The route to manufacture

Finding a manufacturing partner - BOM, quotations, DFM costs and timeline.

Engineering - production ready data, final BOM, final unit & production costs.

Tooling - pilot production.



Our team


Our studio

We’re uniquely positioned among many exciting companies. Our studio is part of the Ustwo Adventure 'Fampany' in Shoreditch, East London. A hub for startups and creative businesses, we’re able to work surrounded by people with the same drive and ambition as our clients.