How to use the Angle Razor

Congratulations on purchasing a piece of award-winning design, not only is beautiful but it is a tool that should be respected. Shaving with the Angle Razor will take time to learn but like anything that requires learning a skill, it's rewarding.

It's worth taking time to read about shaving techniques, try using the razor without a blade to start building muscle memory. Using an Angle Razor is about the ceremony of shaving. Preparation is key and allowing time to go through the process in full will result in  damn close shave.




For your first shave, it's worth having really soft skin and facial hair. You can have a hot shower or wash your face with hot water to soften, repeat several times if only washing. Think how your skin feels after a hot shower, aim for this. 

Add pre-shave oil to your facial hair and mix up your shaving cream or gel with a brush. You want to apply this a circular motion to your neck, cheeks, chin and upper lip.

Make sure your blade is secured properly and prepare to shave.


Hold your nerve

The hold, its all about creating a level playing field. By holding the top of your head and pulling the skin tight you give yourself a good area to shave. A slight tilt of the head will stretch even further.

Taking the razor in your free you will want to find a balanced grip. It's worth trying this in both hands before shaving for the first time, you want to feel in control.

A 3o degree angle from the face will avoid pulling hairs and hopefully not cut the skin. If your skin is well prepared, blade sharp and the angle is correct the razor will glide.


AR050 (1).jpg

Look sharp

Choose a side to start shaving, remember to tilt the head and pull the skin.

Now from the bottom of your haircut/near your ear make the first short shave. All going well, repeat just below and rinse the removed foam and hair under the tap.

The foam will allow you to see where to shave next, but keep moving down to the bottom of the chin. Save the neck for later. Work down the cheek and towards the chin. Maintaining a steady small stroke work across these areas

  • Cheeks - move down from sideburn to chin. One side at a time.
  • Chin - lift the razor to negotiate the curve. One half at a time.
  • Upper lip - turn razor to negotiate lip.  
  • Lower lip - try moving your mouth to tighten skin
  • Neck - extra careful here, follow the direction of hair growth

Almost there

Now hot water and soap again, it's worth doing a second pass to get any stray hairs.

Rinse the razor and your face. Cold water will close your pores. It's time to moisturise in a patting gesture to avoid irritation. 


Please rinse your Angle Razor and dry with a cloth. 

Remove blade and place in a sharps tin or glass jar so you can dispose of in the correct way. Check with local authorities on how to best recycle in your area.

Never leave the blade in the razor for safety and hygiene reasons.

Angle Razor is grooming tool that should be handled with respect and care. Users should be over 18 and do so at their own risk.

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